The Ghanaian Engineers & Architects Association of Ghana (GEAAA) was founded on December 30th, 2010 by George Korley, Kwado Osei Akoto and David Nyarko.

The desire to create GEAAA came about after the current President, Mr. Korley met Mr. Akoto and the current Vice President, Mr. Nyarko at a professional event in Queens.

After many emails and personal meetings, Mr. Akoto and Mr. Nyarko immediately embraced the idea and outreach began shortly thereafter. 

We contacted a few friends who shared the same interests and the rest is history. The first GEAAA meeting was held at the Connolly Pub and Restaurant in NYC with about 20 members. Currently we have active 60 members and we’re still growing!

Our Mission

Provide essential value to our members, advance engineering, and serve the public good.

Our Governing Structure

A board of trustees and an executive board that consists of the following positions govern GEAAA:

    - President

    - Secretary

    - Treasurer

    - 2 Officers at Large



Our Values

    1. Protection of the public welfare above all other considerations.

    2. Ethical and competent practice of engineering and architecture.

    3. Innovation through the creative application of math, science and engineering.

    4. Continuous learning for professional growth.

    5. Growth in the number of licensed Professional Engineers & Architects.

    6. Teamwork, unity and fellowship of all PEs across all disciplines.

    7. Commitment to the future of the licensed Professional Engineer & Architects.